About Intuitive Design?

We are primarily a consulting firm that helps businesses acquire, integrate, and manage technology solutions.

Who are we?

Originally, we were registered with Verisign. That registrar is no longer in business.

in-design.com whois information

Intuitive Design Whois Information

We are an IT solutions company formed back in 1995. Our primary focus was web development and online presence solutions; however, since then we have helped many small businesses with everything IT - acquire, integrate, and manage has been our mantra for decades.

Now we see a strong push toward the web presence. This was our original niche. You can see we have owned our domain since the early 90s. Additionally, we have a list of domains for other profitable endeavors. Recently, we added in-design.us, in-design.host, and in-design.website to assure our brand identity stays intact. We can help you do the same with your brand!

We can help you identify and register the domain names to assure your brand identity is clear and present. With the new gTLDs, 100s of new domain extensions are available for registration to provide more free commerce on the internet and more accurate identity of your brand. These include such extensions as .lawyer, .accountant, .tattoo.

Please check out our recent blogs on the new gTLDs that are available today.

New gTLDs are being added daily. Make sure to get yours today.



In the realm of IT; the lack of products is never a problem. Identifying which product will accomplish your business needs is. Intuitive Design helps clients identify and acquire the proper product set to accommodate all immediate goals and all short term requirements.



Helping you implement and integrate that technology.

Technology is all around. IT allows us to work smarter and faster. For those trying to leverage the use of technology, the focus has to be on integrating those technologies.

This includes integration and use of social networks to spread your message to all possible channels. The integration of a blog, website, eCommerce solution, and social presence helps give complete exposure to the right audience.

Your marketing campaign should include social network development, eCommerce solutions, an informative blog, and a website to educate your consumers about your products and services. Integrating these solutions and making sure they work with your in-house technology (read: smart phones, email systems, etc.)



Helping you manage and support that technology.

Once your solution and technology is implemented minor change requests, updates, wear and tear, and new technology integration will require professional intervention.

Whether it is a solution that we installed or you need us to manage a solution that was originally designed by others, we can help you manage and maintain and expand your IT infrastructure

Our IT Services provides clients with a variety of models for support and management. These models include pay-as-you-go billing, subscription, or project based billing.