Domain Names


Is a domain name registration really necessary? People often ask what is the importance of having a domain name and do all people need them?
Not everyone needs a domain name; however, there are many reasons to get one
Protecting a brand identify – looking for an uninterrupted recognition of a certain product and service
Starting a new brand – looking to start a new recognizable brand. Think Kleenex, Xerox, Hoover, or Google!
Are you ready to make your mark?
Names are readily available and with new gTLDs being added daily and the cost of owning a domain is very low.

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What is in a name?

A domain name not only assures you continuity in advertising and presentation; but, it is also a reassurance to your customers of legitimacy.Including security products like SSL Certs and Site-Locks. These products reinforce and reassure your visitors that their information is secure and that they are dealing with a legitimate business. Furthermore search engines like Google and Bing will look at your name, security, and other factors in ranking your website. This will help your visitors reach the right place – your website.

Today Domain Names are: