Helping you with your information technology (IT) acquisitions.

We help our clients understand the range of available solutions and help them find and acquire the most effective solution to answer their business needs.

Additionally, as an integral aspect of our service, we will help manage all vendor relationships for you. This allows our clients a single point of contact to manage all their IT resources.

From acquiring and securing a domain name, or helping a customer in designing a comprehensive web presence, to acquiring hardware solutions, Intuitive Design will help you acquire, integrate, and manage those solutions.


Helping you add and integrate that technology.

Technology is all around. IT allows us to work smarter and faster. For those trying to leverage the use of technology, the focus is integrating those technologies effectively.

This include integration and use of social networks to spread your message to all possible channels. The integration of a blog, website, e-commerce solution, and social presence helps give complete exposure to the right audience.

Your marketing campaign should include social network development, e-commerce solutions, an informative blog, and a website to educate your consumers about your products and services. Integrating these solutions and making sure they work with your in-house technology (read: smart phones, email systems, etc.)



Helping you manage and support that technology.

After implementing your solution and technology; minor change requests, updates, wear and tear, and new technology integration will need professional intervention.

Whether it is a solution that we installed or you need us to manage a solution that was originally designed by others, we can help you manage and support and expand your IT infrastructure

Our IT Services provides clients with a variety of models for support and management. These models include pay-as-you-go billing, subscription, or project based billing.